The new MEEC Hardware Agreement will find contracts that provide a larger number of vendors (26), a wider range of products, along with a greater variety of hardware categories than in previous contracts. The RFP provided for a more competitive pricing response for each hardware category and by manufacturer within each category. While this adds some complexity to the final results, that complexity is balanced against a significant gain in economic benefit to MEEC members.

Fully executed contracts were renewed with each vendor for the period of March 14, 2015 - March 15, 2016. The contracts may be renewed for one additional 12 month option period. Contracts were awarded through a competitive proposal process, following the USM procurement policies and procedures. Approval was granted by the Board of Regents

Hardware Categories

MEEC Approved Hardware Vendors
Alliance InfoSystems, LLC ESI  
Alliance Technology Group, LLC Force 3, Inc.  
Apple Inc. GovConnection  
Applied Technology Services HCGI Hartford  
Bell Techlogix OmegaCor Technologies  
Cambridge Computer Plan B Technologies, Inc.  
CAS Severn Presidio Networked Solutions  
Copper River Information Technologies SkyLine Network Engineering LLC  
Daly SLAIT Consulting (Plan IT)  
Data Networks System Source  
Dell Technology Integration Group (TIG)  
DISYS Solutions, Inc Universal Adaptive Consulting Services, Inc.  
DSR Computer Sales and Service

ViON Corp.

ePlus Technology Inc  

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